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Election Forms

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Form-I – Form of Nomination Paper PDF icon 550.49 KB
Form-I-A – Form for Notice of Nominations PDF icon 242.10 KB
Form-II – Form for Publication of the list of valid nomination PDF icon 19.21 KB
Form-II-A – Form for Publication of the final list of Contesting Candidates PDF icon 20.58 KB
Form-III – Appointment of the Election Agent PDF icon 8.51 KB
Form-IV – Appointment of Polling Agent & Counting Agent PDF icon 118.30 KB
Form-V – Form of Declaration of the result of the uncontested Election PDF icon 145.79 KB
Form-VI – Form of Ballot paper to be used at Elections to the office of President & Vice President PDF icon 8.53 KB
Form-VI-A – From of Ballot Paper to be used at Election to the office of Member PDF icon 8.81 KB
Form-VII – From for the list of Challenged Votes PDF icon 150.15 KB
Form-VIII – Form of Declaration by Companion of Blind Infirm voters PDF icon 9.33 KB
Form-IX – Form for list of Blind-Infirm voters PDF icon 153.02 KB
Form-X – Form for list of tendered voters PDF icon 17.17 KB
Form-XI – Form of Ballot Paper Account PDF icon 16.89 KB
Form-XII – Form for Result Sheet PDF icon 378.00 KB
Form-XIII – Form for Return of Election PDF icon 11.23 KB