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As per Section 28AA of the OCS Amendment Act, 2012 the superintendence, direction and control of preparation of the electoral rolls for and the conduct of elections to a Cooperative Society shall vest in the State Cooperative Election Commission consisting of a State Cooperative Election Commissioner.

The State Government shall, by one or more notifications, publish, in the Odisha Gazette, the date or dates as may be recommended by the State Cooperative Election Commission calling upon the Cooperative Societies to elect Members of the Committee of the Society in accordance with the provisions of the Act & Rules made there under.

The State Cooperative Election Commission shall by general or special order, appoint one or more Election Officers for different Societies from  out of the  officers and staff made available to him by the State Government.

The Management of the Society/ Management-in Charge /Administrator/Authorised Officer organizes the constituencies supported by their resolution; In case it is not done, the Chief Executive shall send a requisition  to the Election Officer for Organization of such constituencies.

The Election Officer shall fix the date of election of the Members of Committee and published by the Chief Executive of the concerned society in the manner prescribed under Rule 4, atleast two months prior to date of election, in accordance with the programme communicated by the State Cooperative Election Commission.

The Chief Executive of the Society subject to the direction of the State Cooperative Election Commission shall prepare the provisional Electoral Roll.

Yes, the Nomination shall be filed by the candidate or through his proposer for election of Member of the Committee in Form-I (to be supplied by the Chief Executive of the society on application & payment of fees) before the Election Officer as per the date fixed.

No, a candidate is not eligible for filling nomination for more than one seat [Provision to Rule7(4)(i)]

No private premises can be used as Polling Stations. Premises of the Society may be used for polling station. In case the space available in the society office is not  sufficient enough to accommodate Polling Station or  in case the same is not  fit for polling station the Election Officer  will send requisition well in advance  to the concerned authorities for use of the premises of School/College /Gram Panchayat or any other Public Institution located nearby with facilities for use as Polling Station.

Every ballot paper which is not rejected  under Rule 41 shall be counted as a valid vote for the candidate for whom it has been recorded in the ballot paper.

As per the notification of RCS, Odisha vide No.5163 dtd.26.03.2012, a member belonging to category other than SC & ST shall have a minimum deposit of Rs 500/-  (Rupees five hundred) only and a member belonging to SC/ST category shall have a minimum deposit of Rs 100/- (Rupees hundred)only with the PACS/LAMPCS/SCS/FSCS for a minimum period of four months preceding the date of notification of elections to the Committee of that society to have the voting right.

The family member of any paid employee of the society unless specifically permitted  by the  Registrar or Society composed exclusively [Sec 28(3)(d)] can not contest in the election?

The vacancies shall be filled up in the same manner as it was originally filled up. Besides, if the term of the member remains less than half of his original term, the Committee shall fill up such vacancy by nomination out of the same class of members in respect of which the casual vacancy has arisen.

The symbols specified by the State Co-operative Election Commission are allotted to the candidates by the Election Officer, but the symbols of Political parties can not be allotted.

A voter, whose name appears in the final electoral roll of any particular constituency shall be eligible to become a proposer or Seconder for a candidate for the said office from that Constituency.

Election Fee of Rs.20.00 & Security deposit of Rs.40.00 are to be deposited by the SC/ST/OBC/SEBC Candidates at the time of filing of nomination.

15 constituencies are organized for election of Committee members of a Primary Society.

No, As per Sec 28-B of OCS Act once the election process of a Society started, shall not be held up by the election officer until the declaration of the result of such election.

The Polling Party comprise of Presiding Officer, Polling Officers or any other person authorized by the Election Officer as per directions issued in this regard by the State Cooperative Election Commission.

If a contesting candidate  desires  to appoint  any person to be his election agent, the candidate shall give notice of such appointment in Form-III delivering a copy to the Election Officer and a duplicate copy to the agent so appointed.[Rule 12]

No, the symbols used by the Political Parties can not be used  in Cooperative Elections.

If a candidate is having more than two children and the third child is born within one year from the first day of January 1995, he shall be eligible for filing nomination. But, if third child is born after the period of one year then his nomination will be rejected.

15 members are elected to the Committee of Management of Primary Cooperative Societies.

15 members are elected to the Committee of Management of Central Cooperative Societies.

21 members are elected to the Committee of Management of Apex Cooperative Societies.

One polling Station is allotted per one thousand voters.